Fisher-Price Playful Puppy Bouncer Review

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The Fisher-Price Playful Puppy Bouncer for infants are better than ever. These are truly comfortable and sinking bouncers and have the ability to stimulate or soothe your baby with various different settings. Fisher-Price bouncerscan vibrate at a slow pace making the infant feel better. It has colorful toys that can move and shake along with very sweet and slow music which aims to keep the baby entertained for a long time.

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The Fisher-Price bouncer is that consists of a very soft and cutestuffed puppy that can move through motion. Its head flips from side to side and its long legs move and swing back and forth when baby applies force on it.

Fisher-Price Playful Puppy Bouncer

  • Includes two modes of use – parent activated and baby activated
  • Long play with 6 long songs that loop for 10 mintues
  • Baby bats at the hanging toys to activate the puppy, sound effects and 3 short tunes
  • Includes calming vibrations
  • Features a very cute puppy character that comes to life through motion

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The sounds made by the pet are real and amuses the young one. The baby sits relaxed and quietly fisher price bouncers as his toys and other parts continue to sound and vibrate calmly. The feel and surroundings are so pleasant your baby can even sleep with a soft smile hanging over his face.

In addition to this there are two more colorful plastic toys hang from the toy bar; one of which plastic ball and the other is rattling beads which makes attractive sound while the baby spins it. Fisher-Price has two modes of playing sweet songs. One being the parent mode, which plays 6 long songs for about 10 minutes and the other, is a baby mode in which baby has to touch or hit one of the hanging toys to produce a sound. One final and excellent feature of this is the simplicity of taking off the pad is an amazing way to clean fabric washes.

Fisher-Price Playful Puppy Bouncer Review

This fisher price puppy wears a proud crown to have become one of the most strongly recommended baby products. With 616 reviews on only one website baby fishers seems to spread its magic everywhere. 97% reviews radiate positive remarks about the product and this score a five on five in customer satisfaction level. On average customer review rating it is rated four out of five starts which shows that it’s very to perfection. Click here to read more reviews.

One of the flipsides that were observed in the reviews was that the fisher price baby chair components are often prone to slight breakage or damage provided if the infant is a little heavy or super active. The falling off of the vibrating button was a common problem pointed out among few reviews. Other than this minute issue, there seems to be absolutely no problem with the Fisher-Price Bouncer.

As mentioned earlier there are no second views about the Fisher-Price bouncers. The fisher-price playful puppy is a must-have item when you have an infant. The material is smooth, dirt free and absolutely for your baby. The lullabies are so soothing and relaxing, it creates an amazing atmosphere and just to add more to the effect,  the right amount of slight vibration is provided to make your lovely baby doze off instantly and just in case if the infantdoes not sleep, he can sure have fun for long hours without getting bored. Click here to check it out.

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Louise November 27th, 2011 (#)

This reminds me of the baby bouncer i used to have. I think it was precious pink. Anyways, great article and i always recommend this baby bouncer to all my friends.

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